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How Burnt Toast convicted two felons

When Tom and Kathleen Hanway went home to Perth, Western Australia last Christmas, they gave a couple members of her family copies of the recent Burnt Toast release "Quick Rising". As (bad) luck would have it, Kathleen's brother Brendan was burglarized. VCRs and TVs went out the door, plus his CD's. A few weeks later the police advised him that they thought they had caught the villains. But they needed him to identify his property, which by then had come down to a large selection of CD's. On reviewing the goods he proclaimed, "Yes they are mine officer, because there is a Burnt Toast CD amongst them." He mentioned that his brother-in-law, Tom Hanway from New York, is a member of Toast. The Toast CD had not been commercially released in Australia, so there was no way for the accused to have gotten a copy. Hence when it finally came to court some time later, the magistrate asked Brendan how he knew this was his property. On giving the answer previously supplied to the police -- the felons were convicted.
Does this look like a Grillbillies Camper Special? (Thanks John McKernan)

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