About Us (by Linda)

It already seems like a very long time ago that the Grillbillie family began….as I think back, there are so many of my most favorite memories found there, in Grillbillie Heaven.

A couple of pages can hardly do justice to accurately describe who the Grillbillies really are, but we will try.

I remember candle-lit dinners out in the middle of a field, with fresh bouquets of flowers placed on the table, while bluegrass tunes were being played as we dined.

There’s nothing quite like Grillbillie cuisine….(hence, the Grill, in Grillbillie). In particular, their annual Thanksgiving Dinner celebrated in Woodstown, NJ, is a feast most unforgettable. Our own King David leads the group with an opening Thanksgiving prayer, as we all join hands and remember all that we have to be thankful for. Meal themes have often been used, Italian Night, Deli Night, Seafood Night, etc., and everyone contributes their own specialties.

The Grillbillies are wonderful chefs. Cooking and Grilling are among their "specialties". People come from miles around to dine in Grillbillie Hall. Guests are always welcome for dinner. And as more friends are always found, the family has really grown.

The collection of musical talent among them is also among their "specialties". You can always find music going on in the Grillbillie camp. Usually all day and all night….they welcome the sunrise with bluegrass gospel.

Their gatherings and time together are so treasured that sleep is often bypassed…."power naps" get them through the weekends….and then you can hear them picking and singing all night long. "AAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (The Grillbillie Love Call)

I remember many "Grillbillie sunrises"….this is also a fine drink, created and perfected by one of the great Grillbillie chefs, Mr. Matt. And they toast to friendship and love and bluegrass forever.

They so love to have fun, and they sure know how to conduct their Grillbillie activities. They celebrate PROM NIGHT in Wind Gap, Pa., dressed as Kings and Queens, in top hats and cumberbuns, in satin and silk and lace,….they promenade and dance the night away. And the weather is no deterrent….despite the flood of 98, when Harry’s field became waterfront property, the prom danced on.

And Christmas in Arcadia is a most memorable festival…as they are decorated in full….complete with lights and tinsel and a Christmas tree….Santa comes to pass out presents to the Grillbillie family and to all the little children. Bluegrass Christmas carols echo throughout the night. Christmas dinner is served, friendship and prayers are shared, and memories are made that go down in history. These memories have helped to get us through some of the gray days of winter…they can put a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye…remembering when….and you just can’t wait to do it again…..when is the next festival?

The family has many uniquely talented members…each with their own special gifts…given freely to each other….and it works.

They recorded their first double CD back in Aug. 98- which is a wonderful collection of Grillbillie friendship and talent and love. The 40 different performers range in age from 11 to 72.

It was all done in one weekend, the gathering, the rehearsing, and the recording. This project was all inspired and orchestrated by one of the Grillbillie Greats, Harmonica Bob, of Stained Grass Window, who believed in us enough to make it happen.

Sometimes, when in the presence of this bluegrass family, you get this feeling that just warms you from head to toe…and it lifts you up to places you thought only existed in your dreams. Ask any grillbillie, and he or she will tell you this is true….and we live for those moments. The love and friendship among them is a bit contagious. And that’s what the Grillbillies are all about.

From the babes to the senior citizens, this family consists of many very special people. They have touched others, and have aided in the addiction to the wonderful world of Bluegrass…..all for the love of Bluegrass. That’s how it happened. That’s how it all got started. We went to a Bluegrass Festival one day……

Stop by and visit the Grillbillies….for a most memorable experience….and possibly lasting friendships…..




- Linda M.