About Us

In case this is all new to you, allow me to attempt an explanation. 
(And if you'd like someone else's explanation, see Linda's.)

The Grillbillies are a bluegrass band, sort of, but not in the usual sense. We like to camp and go to bluegrass festivals together. We registered our name as a trademark in 1996, but we've been around for years before that.

Many of the Grillbillies are in their own separate bluegrass bands. An equal number don't even play music; they just follow along to all the festivals. The ones who do play can be considered our "house" band. But there is no leader, or hierarchy, or constitution, and there are no rules for joining.

Just come to the festivals, visit our campsite, and see if you like us. We can usually be found under a big silver canopy, called "Grillbilly Grove." If you think Beth doesn't like you, that's a good sign. (It means that she does. Ask her for some wine.) Hint: bribing us with food and drink, and/or picking bluegrass in our campsite, couldn't hurt.

The "grill" part of our name comes from the fact that we love to cook while we're camping. We like to make different dishes at the festivals and share them with everyone.

We are not a for-profit organization, but any money that we make from merchandise generally goes towards things like this web site, mailings, domain name and trademark registration, and hospitality. Someday, if we ever actually find ourselves "in the black", we plan to register ourselves as a non-profit organization and give the money back to the community in some way.

I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that there is a lot of love in the Grillbilly family. We are children and teenagers and singles and parents and grandparents, and for some strange reason, we all seem to get along exceptionally well. We're unconventional enough for me to feel comfortable, but normal enough for you to bring your parents around.

Mostly, we like to have fun.

See you at a festival!